Nuffield 460


This week I came into possession of a Nuffield 460. (4 cylinder, 60hp.)
It runs well, gears, pto and hydraulics work fine. Over 10mph the steering is extremely erratic and the brakes aren’t even worth using. So this morning I jacked the front axle up to investigate, I originally assumed it would be the wheel bearings and ball joints of the steering mechanism that is the problem as the steering box doesn’t have an extreme amount of free-play. Turns out that both king pin bushes have worn by a sever amount, by this I mean I can rock each wheel by about 6 inches!

New bushes are on the way and I shall get round to sorting the brakes soon as I plan to road register the Tractor. I’ll post some more pictures too.

If anyone can guide me on which levers do what, I’d greatly appreciate it.
The PTO had three positions, there is a ratcheting lever on my right and two others. I assume the latter three are the lift controls, but which ones?

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