Land Rover Series IIA

This is my Land Rover Series IIA.

It’s an 88″ and has a 2.25 4 cylinder petrol engine. Unfortuneately it’s a bit of a mish mash of series 3 parts aswell, because I assume it was involved in an accident or something like that as the front wings and bulkhead are all series 3 parts, everything else is original.

I use her everyday to get to work and if I’m feeling ambitious I might drive more than five miles. I’ve fitted long wheelbase wheels and tyres and achieved a top speed of 75mph. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t measure from my “bouncing needle” speedo.)

Earlier this year I carried out a full cylinder head rebuild and lapped all the valves etc, I decided not to go balls deep and replace the springs etc.

I’d love to fit Range Rover axles or an overdrive to give me better miles per gallon etc, but I can’t find any for sale which aren’t going to hurt my wallet.

Well, after using the Land Rover as my every day drive for 6 months, I decided to sell it and go for something with a bit more comfort, fuel economy and speed. The old girl now resides with a friend down in Suffolk, who I’m sure will look after her.

11 thoughts on “Land Rover Series IIA

  1. Your bouncing speedo is easily fixed. Take off the front of the rear prop shaft and let it hang. Then tighten the big nut that was hiding behind the flange.

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