Haymaking 2020 – Mowing

A look back to summer with a video of the first part of the haymaking process, mowing. We were woefully unprepared this year and therefore had to hastily recommission an old Massey Ferguson 732 fingerbar mower which had been languishing in a hedgerow for many years.

In the end the mower did a sterling job in spite of the difficult conditions, producing cleanly cut and well swathed hay ready for tedding.

MF732 mower as collected
Plenty of heat and WD40 applied and everything began to move
Knife removed for replacement of sections
Drive belts replaced and test fitted to the Leyland

Project Freida recommences

After passing from Jake’s ownership to mine back in the mists of time, Freida had been mothballed awaiting a suitable juncture at which to continue her restoration. This occurred in late 2020 when she was trailered to the Brundall workshop. Below is the first installation of a YouTube mini-series charting the ongoing works.

Reclaiming water contaminated oil

Having drained the majority of the gearbox oil from the Leyland, along with the water which had infiltrated somehow, I decided to attempt to remove the water from the oil. Using a camping gas stove, until I ran out of gas, and then a vice and a blowtorch!


I had success removing the water from the oil but I can’t decide whether or not the oil I am left with is going to be suitable for re-use…








Ferguson hydraulic pump

On wednesday a productive day was spent removing and repairing the fergie’s hydraulic pump.

The problem turned out to be that the rod which operated the control valve had bent and was therefore jammed.

In addition to this it was discovered that the oscillator rod had snapped at the point where it joins the square oscillator key. This is a system fitted to the revised pump as a way of preventing the control valve from sticking by forcing it to rock back and forth as the pump turns.

As a replacement part could not be sourced easily the decision was taken to leave out the oscillator assembly.