It’s too cold.

I apologise on the behalf of Michael and myself for the lack of updates recently. With our college work busy and the harsh winter winds, we havent had much spare time to work on our machines.

We’ve found ourselves handed the burden of fixing a spike toothed harrow. The old girl has seen better days, with tines bent and and road pin wrapped up inside the crumbler, she’s hardly in a working state.

So we spent wednesday afternoon heating the bolts and drifting out the tines, turned out to be quite fun and productive.


The Land Rover finally gave up on me yesterday, the fuel bowl seal on the lift pump dried out, so no fuel was supplied to the engine.


This problem had been happening for a while, so I had to manually prime it before I wanted to start it. I had to get towed home from the middle of Bacton/Witton Woods, fun. It turned out to be a five minute fix; remove bowl and disguard seal, and then search our stock for a good fitting O-ring. I’m not worried about not having a guaze in place, as I’ve managed to fit an inline fuel filter.

My next job is to fit a new 7 pin towing socket. I’m most probably going to fit it in the PTO port in my rear crossmember, as I keep knocking it off when I drive over heavy fields when my drop-hitch decides to become a subsoiler.


2 thoughts on “It’s too cold.

  1. Yes, weather has been awful here too. I think I’m getting too old to be laying under the Land Rover at this time of year. I’m putting everything off until the warm weather arrives in spring 🙂

  2. Hi, I’ve got to say that I’m inspired by the work you’ve done to “Ciggy”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much attention to detail in the styling of a Land Rover, neither have I seen a Series Land Rover which seems as usuable as an everyday car.

    Working underneith my Landy has never been an easy task ever since I’ve fitted LWB rims, as it is too tall to fit in under my garage door. I now spend my evenings and weekends laying on gravel. 😦

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